Amani Africa is the operating name for Amani Jamii Africa Foundation). Amani Jamii means Peaceful Society Swahili language. We are independent community membership-base multidisciplinary nonprofit organization with verified membership and functional executives in all the 275 constituencies in Ghana. We are being represented in every town, village and selected institution. We are Peaceful Social Doctors who identify societal challenge, diagnose it, prescribe intervention options, administer best option, monitor and evaluate implementation and report to stakeholders. Our members are individuals and institutions. As part of our civil advocacies and public information dissemination, we provide support for:
1. Startups and SMEs (SSMEs)
2. Farmers and Fishermen
3. Women & Youth
4. Physically Challenged
5. Fund Raisers
6. Communities Developers
7. Cooperative Societies
8. NGOs & Associations
9. Unions and Clubs
10. Consultants and Professionals

a. Ordinary members (Core Members)
b. Prime members (Appointed & Ex-officio Class Members)
c. Class members (Constituency-based General Members who elects their Constituency Executives)
d. Project Partners (Donors & Program Implementers

a. Patron & Matrons – Appointed from among Ordinary Members
b. National Executive Council (NEC) – Elected Executives from among Ordinary Members
c. Functional Executive Council (FEC) – Appointed from among Ordinary Members
d. Regional Social Coordinators (RSC) – Appointed and Ex-Officio Class Members
e. Constituency Social Council (CSC) – Elected Executives from among Class Members
f. Town Social Council – (TSC) – Elected Executives Class and Prime Members
g. Community Social Registrar (CSR) – Appointed

We exist to identify, diagnose, prescribe and administer social interventions through network of people, communities,
institutions and information.

We envision to become the largest nationwide front of community-based members of nonpartisan network of verified
persons providing individual and institutional support and setting community level social standards in Ghana.

a. Networking: Connecting people, communities and institutions for solution.
b. Modernity: Maintain custom values in contemporary style through continuous learning.
c. Social Advocacy: Bringing social issues to the attention of authorities and informal social society.
d. Self-Help: Community-based self-support.

Amani Africa Foundation Organisational Profile

a. Supreme Council contributions
b. Members subscription dues and contributions.
c. Grants and Loans
d. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CRS) of institutions
e. Philanthropic donation
f. Accreditations to members
g. Private Wills
h. Commercial Service
i. Other fund-raising activities

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